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Pocket Dragons


The Background: One might ask if Pocket Dragons really exist and where they came from. Well, the Pocket Dragons sprung to life from the mind of a man named Real Musgrave. He began drawing dragons when he was 5 years old. The fascination he had with these magical beings continued throughout High School, University, and into his career as a professional artist. In 1974 Real started a small gallery/commercial art studio where he sold his fantasy drawings, many of which prominently featured his beloved dragons. It was during this period that he produced a print titled "Pocket Dragon" and began to fully develop these little creatures. Real Musgrave's drawings, etchings, and paintings have been exhibited in numerous museums and galleries. He is a frequent featured guest at Science Fiction and Fantasy Conventions. He served as the official artist of the Texas Renaissance Festival for 14 years. His wife Muff, his creative muse and business partner, and the assorted Musgrave animals provide models and inspiration for the whimsical inhabitants of his world of wonder. In 1989 Real began to sculpt the Pocket Dragons and their friends for Collectible World Studios and thus "The Whimsical World of Pocket Dragons" was born.

The Original Pocket Dragon: In 1969 Muff and Real went to the Humane Society of Lubbock, Texas, in search of a kitten. For the first time in the history of the world no cats were available, but the attendant convinced them to "just look" at the dogs. Huddled in a corner was a tiny ball of brown fluff, barely 6 weeks old and terrified. They couldn't resist. They immediately adopted Flower and took her home with them. Flower soon overcame her shyness. She had a wonderful, bubbly presence and she threw herself wholeheartedly into everything they did. She sneaked treats, 'helped' them with all projects and loved them unconditionally. After a time, Real's dragons began to assume Flower's personality. Flower loved cookies - the dragons loved cookies; Flower got into trouble - the dragons got into trouble. Soon the dragons even began to look like Flower. The silly little grin...the eyes...those incredibly expressive ears. Flower lived to the ripe old age of 15 and then passed on.The Musgraves like to think that because of Flower the world is a little more bright. Every time a Pocket Dragon brings a smile to your face or warms your heart, a piece of Flower lives on - and she continues to spread the love she so happily shared with the Musgraves and all who were fortunate enough to know her. Wherever you are Flower, we love you!

What Does RM Stand For?: I believe that most Pocket Dragon collectors have at some point seen an RM Cookie. For those of you that haven't, an RM Cookie looks similar to an OREO® cookie except that it has the RM symbol on it instead of the normal OREO® symbol. Oh, and if you ask a Pocket Dragon, they will tell you that an RM Cookie tastes better! Now that you havea mental image of an RM Cookie (or maybe you're looking at one), have you ever wondered what RM stands for? Well, I did! It made perfect sense to me that the RM simply stood for Real Musgrave. Oh well, I was wrong! I was recently speaking withReal and Muff and found out the true story behind the RM symbol. Real said that many times while he was working on a dragon or trying to come up with a good idea for a new dragon, his wife, Muff, would help out with some ideas. He would put the RM symbol on it to show it was his and Muff's idea. Thus the RM actually means Real and Muff. Since Flower was also such a big help in bringing a Pocket Dragon to life, the flower was added to the RM symbol as shown above. So the next time you see the RM symbol or an RM Cookie remember the family that helped bring the Pocket Dragons to life: Real, Muff, and Flower!

Pocket Dragons: Pocket Dragons are the mischievous little green dragons that nest in the pockets of old English tweed jackets and delight in stealing cookies from the Wizard's cookie jar. But more than that, they represent those people and pets in our lives who fill our hearts with joy and laughter. They are everyday exressions, wrapped in green Magic... with wings.

Gargoyles: Gargoyles were modelled after Real and Muff's dog Shelby. When Shelby was adopted fron the Animal Shelter, Real fully expected her to have a Pocket Dragon personality, like her predecessor, Flower. However, Shelby turned out to be a gargoyle instead. Gargoyles are slightly pudgy, slow moving and convinced that they do all the work while everyone else has all the fun. They are steadfast and loyal - and very loving creatures.

Wizards: Real has often said that he wants to grow up to be one of his wizards - grandfatherly types who can work a day's Magic, then come home at night and read bedtime stories to all the little creatures who live in the house. The Real Wizard loves nothing more than a comfortable chair in the library, a good book, a cup of coffee and a relaxing pipe of tobacco.

Runes: Real often uses runes to write hidden words or messages in his work. Runes are an early form of writing and their magic is the magic of literacy. Imagine being able to tell what someone else is thinking by just looking at a series of scratch marks!

©1989 Real Musgrave, licensed Collectible World Studios Limited. Pocket Dragons™ is a registered trademark of Real Musgrave. The Whimsical World of Pocket Dragons™ is licensed to Collectible World Studios Ltd. in England and distributed in the U.S.A. by Goebel of North America. ©Goebel 2005

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